Events and Partnerships

Kristen and Jessie have spoken at conferences from Vancouver to Spain, Toronto to Florida.
Now, as a team, they are setting team goals and supporting individuals and families in telling their stories!

The My Why Team would like to publicly thank the following past supporters;
The Lloydminster Region Health Foundation (Project Sunrise) and Malcolm Radke
Kim Capiral with Narra Studios 
Rural Health Professions Action Plan
Jess Tetu and the Just For You Day Spa's in Regina, Saskatoon and Lloydminster
KT and Company (Inspiring Womens Conference) and Terra Weaver and Kelly Sidoryk
YLL My Home and the Lloydminster and Area Drug Strategy and Lorelee Marin/Kim Tradewell
The 100+ Women Who Care organization and their founders
Alberta Health Services
The Primary Care Network and Sherilea Scheidt
The Edmonton Women's Show

We are currently unable to book any large group gatherings due to the COVID-19 but look forward to getting back to business when it is safe to do so.

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