"We aim to highlight identity defining moments and how we move forward with the lessons to be learned after those life changing experiences."
The Identity Project; a My Why Podcast

The Identity Project

Experiences shape us. No two experiences are the same, nor are the interpretations that we draw from each. We have had identity defining moments that have drastically changed our perception of the world and what is most important in life. Connecting with inspiring, resilient and insightful people is our absolutely favourite thing and what keeps us focused and accountable to the lessons we have learned. We are grateful to be given the opportunity to give people a platform to share their stories. We are currently celebrating over 3000 downloads in our first month. 

Podcast is available on Spotify, ITunes (Apple Podcasts), Google Podcasts, The Podcast App, Spotify and through Captivate! 

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Meet Maryn

LAUNCHED April 8, 2020

A physical and sexual assault survivor speaks out! Listen as the My Why team sits down with Maryn Sutherland, a survivor of a violent physical and sexual assault for "Soaring Stronger". Maryn is turning her experience into an opportunity to help others and this hour is filled with wisdom, inspiration and is rooted in resilience.

Listen HERE

Meet Jess

LAUNCHED March 10, 2020

One of Canada's Most Powerful Women talks leaving home at 15, family addiction, love, loss and how she turned a job into the career and journey of a lifetime! That's right, THEE Jess Tetu join's the My Why team to officially launch The Identity Project, a My Why Podcast. 


Meet Candice

LAUNCHED March 25, 2020

Our guest is hilarious, raw, motivated, talented and just so dam authentic.

"Learning Lessons and Sharing the Love" is the name of our next podcast. We truly admire and thoroughly enjoy Candy and cannot wait for you to hear a little more about the magician behind the makeup and how she has overcome some big challenges for her and her family.

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Meet Dr. Masri

LAUNCHED April 22, 2020

New PODCAST with Dr. Hassan Masri is available HERE!
Join us as we cover themes from the Humboldt Bronco bus tragedy and the LOGAN EFECT to reviewing and dispel harmful myths surrounding COVID-19.

Dr. Maseri is a Canadian and American Board certified ICU specialist and one of our heroes. He worked the front lines in a Saskatoon hospital during COVID and Jessie has a personal connection to him and she is sharing mega thanks! This cast was heard and downloaded over 10,000 times! 

Meet Jessica

LAUNCHED May 13, 2020

Our new cast is LIVE and we couldn’t be happier to share Jessica’s story!

We talk about barrel racing, playing elite volleyball with only one arm, family divorce, finding love and navigating life feeling “different” from others.

She is resilient and is truly living a life beyond limits. Thanks Jessica for showing us how to live fearlessly with grace.

Meet Nichole

LAUNCHED May 20, 2020

As usual, there is nothing ordinary about this story. Today’s topic will be triggering and uncomfortable for some, as it talks about a parent's worst nightmare. ⁣We are talking about childhood sexual assault. ⁣
Around 60% of sexual abuse assault victims are under the age of 17. ⁣Statistics Canada state that 1i in 7 girls and 1 in 25 boys will be sexually abused or assaulted before the age of 18. We are talking to Nichole, a survivor of child abduction, assault and rape at the age of 7 in a small town in rural Alberta. ⁣

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