MEET Jenna

Jenna Curry-Lapointe

"I had my daughter and had no history of mental illness but as soon as she was born I felt zero connection to her. I remember just crying and not wanting her to be around me while I was in the hospital the nurses talked to me about the baby blues and said that was what I was going through."

MEET Krista

Krista Holden

"Aedan was alive for five beautiful hours and only knew love. Aedan made me a mom. He was a gift, but I was devastated and lost without him."

MEET Teniel

Teniel Quinn

"I was afraid my husband would blame me for the 'imperfect' baby that was my responsibility to bring into this world... I was afraid no one would understand why I no longer wanted to be a mother since I was failing so miserably. I was afraid my baby would die."


MEET Sarah

Sarah Sklapsky

"It was hard. Very hard. I struggled with getting out of my head and not letting my thoughts overcome me."

MEET April

April Moffat

"It was a very dark place. I had anxiety which led to waking up every day with panic attacks. Sleep was almost impossible at the beginning and I actually experienced psychosis and am sad to say attempted suicide. It's very hard to share that."


Angelina Stirton

"Another baby... another loss. I just cried. I don't even know what I was crying about. It just wouldn't stop. We came home and we had a quiet two weeks wait. I did the bedrest and went back to work."